Student Outcomes

SO are measurable and verifiable knowledges, skills, abilities, attitudes, and/or values which students are expected to achieve at the completion of a program. Upon completing UII Bachelor of Electrical Engineering program, students will be:

No. Description
SO 1 Able to apply mathematics, natural sciences and/or material sciences, and information technology knowledge to acquire comprehensive understanding of electrical engineering principles.
SO 2 Able to design and conduct experiments and to analyze and interpret data for supporting technical appraisal.
SO 3 Able to design required component, system and/or process within realistic constraints such as laws, economic, environmental, social, political, health, safety, and sustainability to identify and/or to use local and national resources within global perspective.
SO 4 Able to work within multi-disciplines and multi-ethnics team.
SO 5 Able to identify, to formulate, to analyze and to solve electrical engineering problems in integrative approach.
SO 6 Able to be responsible to the society and to conduct professional ethics in providing electrical engineering solutions.
SO 7 Able to communicate effectively both in oral and written.
SO 8 Able to have comprehensive knowledge on the impact of electrical engineering implementation in economy, environment and socio-cultural aspects.
SO 9 Able to conduct life-long learning and to access information on latest issues in electrical engineering and its related fields.
SO 10 Able to use methods, skills and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.
SO 11 Able to plan, to complete and to evaluate task within a given framework.
SO 12 Able to apply leadership principles and become a role model in society and workplace.
SO 13 Able to express faith in God by applying the Islamic laws and its universal values in daily life.
SO 14 Able to express inclusive world view, to engage in global society and to maintain Islamic and national identities.
SO 15 Able to demonstrate an understanding of the integrative principles of Islamic values in the expertise.
SO 16 Able to perform contributive roles to develop society.
SO 17 Able to perform innovative solutions in the workplace.
SO 18 Able to disseminate ideas and innovations of expertise in society.


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