Graduates Profile

Graduates Profile

The graduate profile represents the roles expected to be performed by the graduates in society. The following is the graduate profile of the Electrical Engineering Bachelor's Program at UII:

  1. Electrical Engineering graduates with the ability to design, develop, analyze, and maintain power systems, telecommunications systems, instrumentation-control systems, or biomedical systems.
  2. Electrical Engineering graduates having CENDEKIA characteristics (Collaborative, ENDurance, Ethical, Knowledgeable, Innovative, and Achiever).

The CENDEKIA characteristics demand that PSTE graduates be able to work independently as well as in teams with diverse backgrounds in knowledge/culture (collaborative), be resilient and able to overcome any challenges (endurance), have high integrity (ethical), possess broad knowledge (knowledgeable), have innovative abilities (innovative), and have a high spirit for achievement (achiever).

Career Prospects

Graduates of the Electrical Engineering study program with strong analytical skills are highly sought after, both in Indonesia and in the global job market. The following is the graduate profile/competencies and some examples of fields of work that can be the starting point for the career paths of UII Electrical Engineering graduates.

Graduate RolesFields of WorkJob Positions
Insinyur Dalam bidang instrumentasi dan kendali, telekomunikasi, ketenagalistrikan, telekomunikasi, atau biomedisMining, Electronics, Chemicals, Automotive, Textiles, Food and Beverage, Transportation, Agriculture, Irrigation, Power Generation Industry, Transmission, Distribution, and Electrical Installation, Telecommunications, Construction, Urban Planning, Transportation
  1. Product/project design manager
  2. Assistant manager
  3. Supervisor
  4. Project staff
  5. Consultant
  6. Engineer
ResearchersEducational institutions, colleges, universities, Government institutions or agencies, companiesEducator, researcher, assessor
TechnopreneurEntrepreneurOwner and manager of an independent business

Program Magister Teknik Elektro Dibuka Tahun Ini

Program Magister Teknik Elektro dibuka pada tahun ajaran 2023/2024. Terkait informasi

lebih lanjut tentang kurikulum yang ditawarkan pada program ini, anda dapat menekan tombol di bawah ini.

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